Friday, August 28, 2015

My Review of ‘The Time Machine’

AUTHOR: H.G. Wells

This book isn’t only a great sci-fi novel. It isn’t simply a great adventure tale of a man known only as the Time Traveler.

This is a story that foretells of a future dystopia to rival The Hunger Games. The Time Traveler naturally discovers this whilst on a trip in his Time Machine.

Wells paints a picture of a future where humans have evolved to a point where, based on division of labor and socio-economic status, the privileged enjoy lives of leisure and peace, while the less fortunate hide underground and do the grunt work.

I will say no more about the plot, as any further details would be complete spoilers. I will say that the book was an easy, fast-paced read.

I’d like to add that Wells was clearly a visionary – one whose deepest concerns are more relevant today than ever.

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