Friday, July 17, 2015

My Review of ‘Last Kiss’

Author: Louise Phillips

A man is murdered in a swank hotel in Dublin by a woman apparently obsessed with imagery and the Tarot. When another body is found, killed in similar circumstances, the police realize they may be dealing with that rarest of birds – a female serial killer.

Louise Phillips’ protagonist, criminal profiler Dr. Kate Pearson, is in fine fettle. Not only smart, but funny. Professional, but feeling ill at odds about her personal situation.

Kate has separated from her husband and does her best to look after her son, Charlie. Her frustration with that situation is compounded by the odd feeling she has that the officer she’s worked with most closely – Adam O’Connor – would like to be more than friends and vice versa.

Nonetheless, they are teamed to investigate the possible connections with other murders across Europe. All the while, an ambitious rival officer plays dirty in an attempt to discredit O’Connor.

Meanwhile, a woman worries that her husband is having an affair with a much more aggressive and sexual woman than herself. She confides her fears to a group of female friends – at least one of whom knows more than she’s telling.

There is a twist – which I did see coming – but that did nothing to lessen how enthralled I was with the story.

Louise Phillips once again delivers the goods in this heart-stopping thriller.

This book is an absolute must-read!

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