Friday, December 26, 2014

Review of 'The Doll's House'

Author: Louise Phillips

I really loved this book. The protagonist, Dr. Kate Pearson, is a strong, intelligent woman who works as a criminal profiler with the police. She's also dealing with her own personal issues, including her estrangement from her husband.

This book has a complex and compelling plot. In it, what looks to be a serial killer is on a killing spree. His choice of victims and the method of killing them makes the case difficult to solve.

I had my own theories about who-dunnit, and the ending still came as a bit of shocker.

On top that, the book explores the continuing growth in the relationship between Kate and her child, Charlie, as well as the one between herself and O'Connor, the homicide detective she works with in this series.

This highly suspenseful book kept me reading late at night. I highly recommend it.

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